Jump-Start: Firmware Upload
Posted by Wayne Howell on 08 June 2013 09:10 AM

From time to time, new firmware is released for Jump-Start. The latest versions can be found here. It is not necessary to return Jump-Start for upgrade - it can be done in the field. This is achieved by connecting Jump-Start to an Artistic Licence Art-Net node such as Net-Lynx or Data-Lynx. DMX-Workshop can then be used for the upgrade.

Please follow the following procedure:

1) Ensure Jump-Start is set to 'RDM Standard' and not 'DRAFT'. This can be found in the setup menu.

2) Put the Jump-Start in firmware upload mode. This is done by pressing the left and right arrow keys at the same time.

3) The right-side LED will light to confirm upload mode is active.

4) Connect the Jump-Start to a Data-Lynx OP or Net-Lynx OP using an XLR gender changer.

5) Download the latest firmware from our website (see above) and copy file to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Artistic Licence\DMX-Workshop\Firmware

6) Select the network list in DMX-Workshop and wait for Jump-Start to be discovered as a node.

7) Upload the firmware to the Jump-Start by right-clicking in RDM information area and following the options to upload firmware.

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