Rail-DALI-DMX. Quick start
Posted by Wayne Howell on 12 February 2014 01:30 PM

Rail-DALI-DMX. Quick start.

Often a customer simply wishes to use the Rail-DALI-DMX product to convert a simple DALI channel to DMX. The following instructions allow this:

  • Open the top cover to access the dip switches.
  • Set Switch-6 to off. This puts product in ballast mode.
  • Set Switch-3 and Switch-4 to off, this tells the product to emulate a single DALI ballast.
  • Connect the DALI input to your DALI controller and start discovery. Your DALI controller will discover one new ballast which you should address to a free short address - this is your virtual DALI address. (Your controller may do that automatically).
  • Connect the DMX output to your DMX receiver.
  • Any intensity changes sent to the virtual DALI address will appear on channel 1 of the DMX output.

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