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DMX-Workshop is a full featured network management, analysis, configuration and diagnostics tool for Art-Net networks.

The Art-Net 4 SDK is included with the package.

Now full protocol support for Art-Net 4, sACN, KiNet, DALI and VLC

Dmx-Workshop version V7.16 released 21/9/2016
Bandwidth-Tester version V5.17 released 21/9/2016
Driver / SDK ArtNetAcn.dll V4.2 released 21/9/2016.
Nic-List V5.3 released 16/7/2015.
Art-Route V5.3 released 16/7/2015.

dmxworkshopsetup.exe Download »
Size: 26,284.94 kB
Last modified: 24/03/2017


This utility is designed to convert Strand Lighting's ShowNet protocol to Art-Net.

This allows Strand consoles to be used with the Artistic Licence range of Art-Net products including Down-Lynx and Net-Lynx.

The utility also provides a screen mimic of level data.

The software requires Windows XP or Windows 7.

show2artsetup.msi Download »
Size: 1,363.50 kB
Last modified: 04/08/2016


Art-Merge is capable of merging and routing up to 20 Art-Net DMX sources to 4 outputs.

Each possible input can be assigned a start channel offset and number of channels to be processed. Additionally, the channel address at which data starts in each output scream is also programmable.

Inputs may be assigned duplicate sources, allowing multiple consecutive channel groups to be gated out of the data stream.

Art-Merge is designed for Windows XP.

Current Version V1.2

artmergesetup.msi Download »
Size: 2,080.00 kB
Last modified: 04/08/2016