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In collaboration with artist Clare Brew, architect Tom de Paor created 'Pump', a polished concrete monolith located in the once hostile landscape of the A13 trunk road in London. The structure is so named because it is located upon the site of the original red brick Edwardian Pump House.

Embedded within the concrete, 456 acrylic rods with LED back-lights adorn the structure.

Artistic Licence was commissioned by Quo Vadis to provide the control system consisting of DMX512 and Art-Net data distribution and a Colour-Tramp 4U.

Colour-Tramp is a new style of lighting controller that communicates via the Art-Net Ethernet standard and implements Remote Device Management. This allows it to operate as both a lighting controller and an installation management system.

Thanks to Quo Vadis and Clare Brew for the photographs.

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1 x Colour-Tramp 4U, £2,180.00 - View » - Add to cart »

Control software for 2D/3D colour or intensity arrays. 4 Universe Output.