The Legend, Hong Kong


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This four tower residential development by Cheung Kong Holdings is located at one of Hong Kong's most prestigious addresses.

Cheung Kong commissioned Zumtobel's Hong Kong office to design a facade lighting scheme that reflected the personality and sophistication of this luxury development. Elegance, simplicity and flexibility were core to the clients brief.

Zumbtobel's designers proposed an array of fibre projectors from floors 17 to 60 on the facade of each tower and an LED feature above the penthouse apartment on each tower. Ptarmigan was approached by Zumbtobel and asked to develop a control solution that would be capable of controlling both the fibre and LED installations, be reliable and simple for the client to operate and could be changed without external assistance.

Having worked extensively with Artistic Licence's LED array software, Colour Tramp, Ptarmigan recognised that such an intuitive approach to programming could be adapted for the fibre projectors to create a system that was simple to operate and yet capable of providing complex effects and patterns.

The brief also highlighted the need for the lighting on each tower to be synchronised and that all towers should be capable of acting as one. Due to the extended cable runs between towers, Ptarmigan developed a solution that included a fibre back bone to distribute between towers. Using the RDM capabilities of the Artistic Licence equipment, the maintenance team can monitor the status of the network from the central control position.

The external lighting scheme was launched in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations in February 2007.

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Control software for 2D/3D colour or intensity arrays. 4 Universe Output.