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Technical Supply Japan install largest ever Colour-Tramp system for Pachinko Game Centre.

When Pachinko decided to open their new shop and games centre in Hakata Fukuoka, the largest shopping area in Western Japan, the architectural design called for a large visual effect above the shop frontage. The designers had chosen an LED colour changing fixture manufactured in Korea to form the heart of a large video-lighting wall. Once the design was complete, the search was on to find a control system that could provide the required features: live video, video rendering, off-line programming capability and the ability to mix lighting and video effects.

The search was proving fruitless until the designers visited the World Lighting Fair 2004 in Yokohama. There, on the Technical Supply Japan booth, Takeshi Hayakawa demonstrated Colour-Tramp from Artistic Licence. Colour-Tramp was immediately selected for the project along with twelve Net-Lynx OP to provide Art-Net ethernet to DMX512 conversion.

With this system, the final show effects can be varied using the stack - time clock facilities of Colour-Tramp and a combination of colorized live video and library effects provide a stunning visual display. The installation used the Colour-Tramp 10,240 channel version with twenty universes of DMX512 over an Art-Net network.

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Control software for 2D/3D colour or intensity arrays. 20 Universe Output.