Crystal Fountains


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The fountains are located in Umhlanga South Africa (a suburb of Durban), a vacation destination for a large number of people.

A 30 m diameter circle is located at the main entrance to the mall. The back wall is a series of 64 1.5" DEFO Water switches which create a moving wave effect about 5m high.

The centre area consists of two rings using a 1" Water switch to create a 10m high effect that can be rapidly shifted and changed. The centre burst jet of this feature will reach a height of 22m during non-windy weather.

The switches were controlled using an Allen-Bradley PLC. The actual sequencing was created on a Strand 310 lighting desk.

The DMX output of the desk is fed into an Artistic Licence DMX-Dongle II. A custom software programme was written by Gerald Tester of Crystal Fountains. The software uses the Artistic Licence SDK (Software Development Kit) to translate the DMX data stream into a format readily used by the PLC. The result: easy user programming (using a lighting desk and its FX generators) coupled with the fast speed and accuracy of a commercial PLC.