Pixi-Web for Christmas


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Artistic Licence supplied Dr Chris Crockford, an 8 sq meter Pixi-Web for an unusual purpose, for the Royal Institution Christmas lectures. Crockford was approached by Dr Hugh Montgomery, who was presenting this years Christmas lectures. The series of lectures which has been held annually since 1825 is designed to introduce science to Children and to further their appreciation of the subject.

For the lectures which were entitled "Back from the Brink" and dealt with human survival, a visual means was required, that could represent the amount of power that the organs in the body consume in normal operation. Crockford converted the power into LEDs and programmed the Pixi-Web to visually represent the correct amount for each organ. Artistic Licence supplied a dongle for their Colour-Tramp product, thus allowing Crockford to exactly map the correct number of pixels of the Pixi-Web to the specific organs, and to subsequently animate the organs power consumption, as well as appropriately identifying each organ by a unique colour.

Crockford comments, "There was a certain wow factor when the audience were able to visualise how much power their entire bodies were drawing, especially as they could compare and contrast each organ within the body. Using this unusual and novel application of today's lighting technology in the very building where Michael Faraday started our was a great honour."

The lecture was broadcast on Channel 5 on Christmas Day.

Artistic Licence is the designer & manufacturer of Pixi-Web which is exclusively distributed by A.C. Lighting, outside Asia, under the Color Web brand.