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A sophisticated Art-Net ethernet distribution system enables multiple lighting control positions at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens

After the Olympics, the Paralympic Games are now the world's second largest international sporting event. Given the complexity and scope of the lighting required for such a prestigious event, an impressive lighting control system was designed and installed by Bernard Hamon of Profil Productions in France for ECA2, with equipment supply arranged by Laurent Boillot of ETF Procon.

Using an Art-Net ethernet distribution system, the network carried a total of 32 DMX512 universes or 16,000 individual channels. A combination of copper cable (Cat5) and fibre optic was used to bridge the 5km distances involved. Numerous Artistic Licence Down-Lynx products were used to convert the Art-Net ethernet data to DMX512 at the distribution points. Lighting control was provided by a combination of Whole Hog 2 and Grand MA lighting consoles. The Grand MA console provides an Art-Net ethernet output allowing direct connection to the network without DMX512 conversion.

About the Paralympic Games

The Paralympics evolved from an idea conceived by Dr Ludwig Guttmann, an eminent neurologist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, north of London. He made use of sports in the rehabilitation of World War II veterans with spinal injuries. In 1948 he set up a competition between sports clubs and local hospitals, coinciding with the London Olympic Games. More information is available at: