Glastonbury 2007 Jazz World Stage


DPL enjoyed its first Glastonbury as a supplier in 2007, looking after all lighting requirements for Jazz World - arguably the coolest area on site and with the most exclusive and popular aftershow of any stage.

Jazz World 2007- featured an exciting line up including Amy Winehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae, the Guillemots, John Fogerty, Mr Hudson and the Library, Rodrigo y Gabriela and many more.

DPL pitched and won the contract for its inventive design strategy which also included a 24 square metre backdrop of their brand new ChromaQ Color Web LED surface.

"We were honoured to get this one" says Parker, "It gave us the chance to really show what we could deliver in terms of service and aesthetics and our inventory of digital, moving and conventional lighting. We were also working with some of the best in the business".

DPL's Darren Parker and Pete Watts designed the production lighting rig that was utilized by all Jazz World artists. The rig was highly flexible to accommodate a wide variety of top quality international artists and the creative requirements of an array of visiting LDs. "We chose the best equipment and the top brands for the job" states Parker.

Lighting fixtures were arranged for maximum effect across 4 trusses fitted to the arched shape of the roof of the 2.5 bay 18 metre wide Orbit Stage which offered 9 metres of headroom.

This included 18 Robe ColorSpot 1200E AT moving lights, the ColorWeb screen that was rigged as 6 columns, over 150 PARs, Moles, 22 of the new Martin StageBar 54 LED battens and MAC 250s washes on the sides for low level 'camera candy'.

All of this was controlled by an Avo Diamond 4 console that was run for the 3 day event by all the DPL crew - Mike Williams and Mike Pitt, Andy Higgins and Ben Shepherd (in addition to Parker and Watts). The D4 was also driving a Hippotizer digital media server running content for the ColorWeb.

Parker adds that with the notoriously unpredictable nature of the Glastonbury weather, they also picked really robust and reliable kit that would withstand the elements.

Those predicting a wet Festival were proved right as torrential rain turned Glastonbury 2007 into another hugely enjoyable mudbath of good vibes and superlative entertainment with everyone rising to the challenge of partying on.

Artistic Licence is the designer & manufacturer of Pixi-Web which is exclusively distributed by A.C. Lighting, outside Asia, under the Color Web brand.