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Signature lighting effect at the year's biggest concert event created using flagship Artistic Licence product

A key feature of the set for the Live8 concert in Hyde Park was the signature zigzag of light across the stage, just one of a host of stunning visual effects created by Lighting Designer Peter Barnes. This iconic image alone was made up of over 120 PixelLine LED effects.

The PixelLine array was controlled by Radical Lighting's PixelDrive system running eleven universes of DMX512. The PixelDrive system outputs Art-Net ethernet, with conversion to DMX512 achieved using three Artistic Licence Ether-Lynx.

Art-Net was designed by Artistic Licence specifically to be published to the public domain. It is available to all, totally free of charge and without royalty.

Radical Lighting is one of many manufacturers that support Art-Net as the next generation of lighting control standard, yet another example of the power of open source protocols. Other key manufacturers supporting Art-Net include MA Lighting, Jands, High End, ADB and Avolites.