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Press release

  • July 2004. Artistic Licence supply Quo Vadis with Colour-Tramp
    Architect Tom de Paor has been commissioned to improve the environment of the congested, hostile landscape of the A13 by the London Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham. In collaboration with artist Clare Brew, he created 'PUMP', a polished concrete structure 6.4m high and 4.2m square. The illuminated monolithic structure is named 'PUMP' because it is the new water pumping station built on the site of the former red brick Edwardian building. Embedded in the concrete structure are 456 LED luminaires connected to Acrylic Rods that create spots of light, 50mm in diameter, which can produce any colour at any brightness. An Artistic Licence 2048 ... Download »

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Control software for 2D/3D colour or intensity arrays. 4 Universe Output.