Broadgate - Finsbury Avenue Square


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  • 650 individually controlled colour changing fixtures.
  • 100,000 LEDs
  • 1,650 channels of control
  • 1,000 metres of aluminium extrusion
  • 23KW power consumption (when fully lit at white)

Press release

  • December 2003. Finsbury Avenue Square Installation
    The City of London's financial district of Broadgate now boasts one of the most striking and sophisticated lighting features in the World. It consists of a large in-ground array of colour changing lamps, laid out in a semi-symmetric pattern. The array uses over 650 individually controllable light modules, each providing independent colour mixing. The net effect is a dynamic floor of colour providing effects ranging from subtle moods of colour to dynamic animation. The concept was designed by Mark Ridler at Maurice Brill Lighting Design. Mark called in Artistic Licence to implement the concept and Artistic Licence was commissioned to develop, manufacture and install the system at ... Download »

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1 x Colour-Tramp 4U, £2,180.00 - View » - Add to cart »

Control software for 2D/3D colour or intensity arrays. 4 Universe Output.


1 x Micro-Scope 3a, £395.00 - View » - Add to cart »

The worlds best selling DMX512 and MIDI tester.