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Bidirectional DMX512 splitter

DMX-Split™ RDM provides a DMX512 input with a passive loop through connection. The data is cleaned, optically isolated and then provided as five independent outputs. Each of the five outputs is capable of driving 32 DMX512 fixtures.

The product is housed in a robust extruded aluminium case.

All DMX512 ports use NeutriK 5 pin XLR connectors.

DMX-Split RDM supports the RDM V1.0 (Remote Device Management) Standard. RDM allow bidirectional communication over the DMX cable.

DMX-Split RDM also supports the High End Systems talkback protocol.

DMX-Split RDM is powered from a 9-24VDC power source on a 4 pin XLR.

This allows the use of most Colour Scroller PSU's as a source of power. (A separate Power Supply is available if required).

This product can be fitted with a Truss Mount Adapter Truss-Ears.

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Rack-Split RDM, £755.00 - View » - Add to cart »

1 in to 9 out DMX512 splitter with support for RDM and HES Talkback. Isolated input. 1RU 19" rack mount. 5 pin XLR.


Are you looking for a lower specification?

Rail-Split RDM, £275.00 - View » - Add to cart »

1 in to 6 out DMX512 splitter with support for RDM and HES Talkback. Isolated input. Din Rail Enclosure with screw terminal connectors


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PSU for DMX-Split RDM, Net-Lynx & Power-Hub4. Terminated with 4 pin female xlr. Universal AC input on IEC.


Truss-Ears, £49.00 - View » - Add to cart »

Truss mounting adapter for Net-Lynx, DMX-Split RDM and Power-Hub 4.


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