Rail-Split DMX BP

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Bulk pack saves 20% of cost

Bulk Pack contains 10 products. Rail-Split DMX is an entry level DMX512 splitter designed for permanent installations. (If you need RDM see sister product Rail-Split RDM II).

It is DIN Rail mounted for ease of installation. All connections are via screw terminals. DMX loop through and termination options are provided.

Rail-Split DMX does not support the RDM (Remote Device Management) Standard and RDM data is simply ignored.

Rail-Split DMX is powered from a 9 to 48VDC power source.

Are you looking for a higher specification?

Rail-Split RDM II, £275.00 - View » - Add to cart »

1 in to 6 out DMX512 splitter with support for RDM and a Fix mode which filters non-standard data and fixes timing errors. Isolated input. Din Rail Enclosure with screw terminal connectors.


Rail-Split extreme, £345.00 - View » - Add to cart »

Rail-Split extreme is a variant of Rail-Split RDM. Rail-Split extreme additionally provides surge protection on the input, loop and outputs, which is aimed at protecting the product and connected equipment against voltage surges of the type generated by


Are you looking for a less powerful solution?

DMX-Buffer XLR, £185.00 - View » - Add to cart »

DMX Line buffer / booster that supports RDM.



PSU-9-1.5-FER, £30.00 - View » - Add to cart »

PSU for Rail products. Universal voltage input.


Rail-Road, £145.00 - View » - Add to cart »

19" Rack adapter for Din-Rail products.