DMX-Clarify XLR

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DMX512 line booster/buffer with active data fixing

DMX-Clarify is designed to allow a DMX line to run further than the standard limit of 300m, without the need for expensive DMX splitters. It achieves this by internally re-buffering the DMX signal.

DMX-Clarify operates permanently in 'data fix' mode to solve product compatibility problems. There are numerous products on the market that will not accept the wide range of legal DMX timings and data. DMX-Clarify cleans out any unusual or non-standard timing and data before sending it to the output. This includes stripping out all non-zero start codes (including RDM), forcing a 512-channel footprint and calming any timing jitter.

If the fix function is not required, please refer to the sister product, DMX-Buffer XLR, which offers full RDM support.


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