Colour-Tramp RDM

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An intellligent solution for Real Time monitoring of RDM installations.

Using the same engine as Artistic Licence's leading product Colour-Tramp, Colour-Tramp RDM will allow a user to monitor the health of a system in real time and to send out notifications if any errors are detected.

Running on Windows 7 enables Colour-Tramp RDM to be installed onto a hardware platform suitable for any environment and allows for remote connection through the powerful tools built within the Windows Operating System.

Using the same graphical interface as the standard Colour-Tramp will allow the user to quickly identify which fixture is dispalying a fault and to zoom in to retrieve more details.

Error notifications can be achieved using emails to allow for quick response. Additional daily emails can be configured to keep track of the general health of the system.


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A Rack Mount PC pre-installed and tested with the Colour-Tramp software (Licence is still required).