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MIDI tester

MIDI-Scope™ is a small hand-held MIDI receiver and transmitter. It is invaluable for debugging MIDI control problems and testing MIDI equipment.

It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery with a normal life of some 25 hours.

When used as a receiver the MIDI-Scope's LCD screen can display data in either hexadecimal or as command icons. The received data can be stored in a buffer for detailed review or re-transmission. The receive buffer is controlled by a programmable trigger, allowing the user to capture specific blocks of data.

The transmitter may be used to regenerate received data or to transmit user programmable MIDI messages. Transmitter events can be initiated by received data.

The receive and transmit sections operate simultaneously, allowing MIDI-Scope to test MIDI-Merge and MIDI-Filter units.

MIDI-Scope also provides a high power RS485 MIDI Through output which can be used to boost MIDI data over very long cable runs.

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The worlds best selling DMX512 and MIDI tester.


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