artLynx quad

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Art-Net to four DMX512/RDM universes

artLynx™ quad is a DIN Rail Ethernet to DMX512 converter. It converts four universes of Art-Net or sACN Ethernet into DMX512. RDM is supported when used with Art-Net.

artLynx quad replaces Art-Lynx O/P, which has been discontinued. The advantages of artLynx quad are significant:

artLynx quad has 4 outputs rather than 2, yet retails at a lower price - the effective cost per port has been halved! artLynx quad also offers massively increased processing power, allowing it to operate effortlessly on networks congested with broadcast data.

artLynx quad offers high levels of electrical protection. All outputs are protected against mains electrocution (international voltages including UK 3-phase) and are self-healing.

A handy button enables the customer to simply restore the factory default settings (hold down and cycle power). A single press of this button causes the product to emit a 'squawk' - a message over the network that enables the console operator to easily identify the physical location of the artLynx quad.

artLynx quad is housed in a small, robust DIN Rail case. The Ethernet connection is made via an RJ45 and the DMX512 connections by removable screw terminal connectors.

The power input can be either from the Ethernet cable using the IEEE 802.3af (2003) standard, or from an external power supply. The product can be remotely configured using the product's internal web server, or using DMX-Workshop.


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