Flexi-Strip WWhite60 5M

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Super-Bright Flexible Waterproof Strip of Warm White LEDs on a 17mm Pitch with Cutting Intervals of 50mm

Flexi-Strip is a range of standard LEDs on a flexible circuit board, encapsulated within a flexible, clear silicone tube. Rated at IP67*, the encapsulated housing protects Flexi-Strip's LEDs from moisture, dust and damage making it ideal for both internal and external applications, in dry or wet conditions. Each strip is backed by a self-adhesive tape so it can be attached quickly and easily in any location.

Flexi-Strip White60 is made up of 60 Warm White LEDs per metre. There are also Cold White & RGB versions available.

Controlling Flexi-Strip is simplicity itself. A direct voltage feed (12V) can be used for continuous illumination or an Artistic Licence Rail-Pipe HC can be added to allow dimming via DMX.

Rail-Pipe HC can be controlled either by a DMX controller or its internal stand alone modes. A total of 8 stand alone modes can be selected via RDM to create various effects. Rail-Pipe HC will automatically go into stand alone mode when no DMX is present.

Light output reports are available in pdf form (see support tab) or in IES format (see below)
Flexi-Strip CWhite60 white
Flexi-Strip WWhite60 white
Flexi-Strip RGB30 red, green, blue & white
Flexi-Strip RGB60 red, green, blue & white

* (based on factory certification)