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Analogue to DMX512

The AL4020™ is designed to receive both a DMX512-A input and up to 72 analogue inputs. The two input types are htp merged to form a DMX512 output.

The start channel of the analogue data on the DMX512 output can be selected with the BCD switch inputs. Setting the BCD inputs to "000" disable the DMX512 input and allows the device to operate as a simple analogue to DMX512 converter without any user controls.

Multiple devices can be cascaded using the DMX512 inputs and outputs to produce products with up to 512 channel capability.

The insertion delay of the AL4020 is less than 60uS which ensures that cascaded device designs do not introduce a DMX512 response delay.

The AL4020 is the core technology used in the DMX-Mux.