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Wall mount lighting controller

The moody range provides a wide selection of wall mounted control panels.

The following table provides an overview of the moody products and the many options available. All moody options sport a rotary coloured dial used both for programming and control. The 'retro' variants are supplied as a module which can be retrofitted to an existing wall panel to match room décor.

ProductDMX o/pDALI o/pCV o/pAufofadeWheelControlsFixturesDMX ChanDALI
moody i1xx  IntensityIntensity11Broadcast
moody i6xx  IntensityIntensity66Group
moody i16xx  IntensityIntensity1616Group
moody x1xx  IntensityRGB13Group
moody x3xx  IntensityRGB39Group
moody x10xx  IntensityRGB1030Channel
moody y1xx  IntensityRGBW14Group
moody y3xx  IntensityRGBW312Group
moody y10xx  IntensityRGBW1040Channel
moody z1xx  ColourRGB13Group
moody z3xx  ColourRGB39Group
moody z10xx  ColourRGB1030Channel
moody f1xx xIntensityRGB13Group
moody f3xx xIntensityRGB39Group
moody f10xx xIntensityRGB1030Channel
moody cvi1  x IntensityIntensity1n/an/a
moody cvx1  x IntensityRGB1n/an/a
moody cvz1  x ColourRGB1n/an/a
moody cvf1  xxIntensityRGB1n/an/a

ProductDMX o/pDALI o/pCV o/pAufofadeWheelControlsFixturesDMX ChanDALI
moody i1 retroxx  IntensityIntensity11Broadcast
moody i6 retroxx  IntensityIntensity66Group
moody i16 retroxx  IntensityIntensity1616Group
moody x1 retroxx  IntensityRGB13Group
moody x3 retroxx  IntensityRGB39Group
moody x10 retroxx  IntensityRGB1030Channel
moody y1 retroxx  IntensityRGBW14Group
moody y3 retroxx  IntensityRGBW312Group
moody y10 retroxx  IntensityRGBW1040Channel
moody z1 retroxx  ColourRGB13Group
moody z3 retroxx  ColourRGB39Group
moody z10 retroxx  ColourRGB1030Channel
moody f1 retroxx xIntensityRGB13Group
moody f3 retroxx xIntensityRGB39Group
moody f10 retroxx xIntensityRGB1030Channel
moody cvi1 retro  x IntensityIntensity1n/an/a
moody cvx1 retro  x IntensityRGB1n/an/a
moody cvz1 retro  x ColourRGB1n/an/a
moody cvf1 retro  xxIntensityRGB1n/an/a

DMX o/p - does the product have a DMX512 output.
DALI o/p - does the product have a DALI output.
CV o/p - does the product have a constant voltage dimming output.
Autofade - can the product be programmed to produce automatic colour fades.
Wheel - in non-programming mode, does the wheel control colour of zone 1 or overall intensity.
Controls - what type of light fixtures is the product designed to control.
Fixtures - how many light fixtures can the product control.
DMX Chan - how many DMX512 channels or slots are used.
DALI - what type of DALI addressing is used.