moody i6

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Wall mount lighting controller

moody i6™ is a wall mounted DMX512 & DALI controller. It is designed for intensity control over a 6 channels of white light.

All electronics are mounted on the rear of the product, so there is no need for cumbersome external control boxes. Both programming and operation are performed via a very simple user interface, so no additional programming kit is required.

The product is housed in a single gang UK wall panel and is supplied complete with a dry-line style back box which allows the product to be used internationally.

The user interface is a rotary control wheel which incorporates a push switch. The wheel is illuminated by an LED which is used to feedback the master level to the user.

From a user perspective, the product echoes the operation of a conventional dimmer switch: rotate to control intensity, push to auto-fade on or off.

Product programming is achieved by holding down the push switch for 3 seconds. The user is then guided through selection of the desired master levels. A rear panel control allows programming to be inhibited; this is useful for preserving the original design intent in an application with many users (e.g. a hotel room).

The DMX512 output provides 6 channels for intensity.

The DALI output uses 6 groups for intensity.

The product can be powered from 9 to 24 VDC, so the LED power supply can also power moody.

See the moody selection guide for a comparison of features.

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