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Wall mount lighting controller

moody z1™ is a wall mounted DMX512 & DALI controller. It is designed to control a zone of RGB colour, such as a coving feature.

All electronics are mounted on the rear of the product, so there is no need for cumbersome external control boxes. Both programming and operation are performed via a very simple user interface, so no additional programming kit is required.

The product is housed in a single gang UK wall panel and is supplied complete with a dry-line style back box which allows the product to be used internationally.

The user interface is a rotary control wheel which incorporates a push switch. The wheel is illuminated by a full colour LED which is used to feedback both intensity and colour to the user.

From a user perspective, the product echoes the operation of a conventional dimmer switch: push to auto-fade on or off. However, rotating the dial temporarily changes the colour of the zone, rather than the intensity.

Product programming is achieved by holding down the push switch for 3 seconds. The user is then guided through selection of the selection of the hue and saturation. A rear panel control allows programming to be inhibited; this is useful for preserving the original design intent in an application with many users (e.g. a hotel room).

The DMX512 output provides 3 channels to represent the RGB zone.

The DALI output provides 3 groups to represent the RGB zone.

The product can be powered from 9 to 24 VDC, so the LED power supply can also power moody.

See the moody selection guide for a comparison of features.

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