Rail-Switch II

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Mains relay with DMX512 control

In theatre, touring and architectural applications there are invariably some devices that do not provide a useful form of remote control.

Rail-Switch™ is an elegant solution to the automation of these devices. Housed in a high impact DIN Rail mounting case, Rail-Switch provides six mains voltage relays that can be switched independently.

The control interface uses DMX512 and RDM or Remote Device Management. The RDM interface enables product configuration, including the ability to set the start address of each relay independently (see our Jump-Start hand-held programmer). RDM also allows the product to receive firmware upgrades and run diagnostics tests.

Rail-Switch offers a pre-set mode that enables it to run stored programmes without an active DMX controller. Other features include data loss mode (which determines what Rail-Switch should do in the event of loss of the DMX signal) and test mode, which is particularly useful during commissioining.

Applications include animatronics, fog machines, theatre practicals, cue lights and video remote control.

Rail-Switch uses electromechanical relays that are rated for 8 A at 240 VAC when switching non-inductive loads. The product can be used to drive inductive loads, or those with high inrush currents, so long as external surge protection is added. These devices stop the contacts from being damaged by arcing. Part code Switch-Filter is an external PTC filter suitable for this purpose.

The user must also ensure that external circuit protection such as circuit breakers or fuses are connected in compliance with the local wiring regulations.

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