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A 12 Universe Art-Net Recorder and Playback Controller with Multiple Output Protocols

Multi-Play™ is a rack-mounted hardware device for show recording and playback via a choice of output protocols.

Multi-Play allows the user to record up to 12 Universes from any Art-Net lighting console. Playback protocols include Art-Net, ACN (E1.31), KiNet and ShowNet. Multi-Play also offers advanced triggering functionality.

Many hours of playback are possible using the internal hard drive. Record source is from an Art-Net controller and can be controlled either manually or gated from a certain channel. Up to ten 'shows' can be simultaneously transmitted to the 12 universes.

The 'shows' can be triggered from a variety of sources, such as Real Time Clock and Art-Net Macro triggers. Multi-Play is housed in a 1U Rack Enclosure and has a universal mains input.

Configuration and programming is achieved via a built in web browser. The web browser also provides a 'client' mode which allows the product to be remotely controlled via touch screen style interface panels.

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