Multichrome Flex high res

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32 pixels that are RGB LED colour changers that can be controlled individually. Nominal pitch: 125mm

Multichrome-Flex™ is the next generation of the highly successful Pixi-Flex product.

Multichrome-Flex is a string of miniature self contained LED colour pixels which uses the latest 'point source' LED technology to provide three primary coloured LEDs in a single package. It is constructed as multiple pixels moulded onto a cable. Each pixel measures just 38mm in diameter with a 17mm lens. The red, green and blue light emitted from the LED is effectively a single point of coloured light. This feature leads to a superb colour mixture with none of the chromatic aberration familiar from earlier technologies.

Multichrome-Flex is a perfect solution for colour wall and video wall applications. Its small size, low mass and low heat allow it to be push fitted into almost any structure including sets, walls and other architectural features. Combined with Colour-Tramp, Multichrome-Flex can display real time video in combination with stunning visual effects.

Multichrome-Flex is available in two formats:
Multichrome-Flex 16/250 (16 pixels on a nominal 250mm pitch)
Multichrome-Flex 32/125 (32 pixels on a nominal 125mm pitch)
Custom coloured cables and over-moulding are also available
(subject to minimum order quantity)

Multichrome-Flex receives power and data via a miniature 4-pin cable. Each pixel is lightweight, allowing it to be suspended or attached to most structures. A total of 32 pixels can be driven from a single control cable. Control is via a number of options: the Multichrome-D1 controller can control 5 circuits (160 pixels) in total; Multichrome-E1 or Multichrome-E2 controllers can control 10 circuits (320 pixels) each. Each bulb can be either individually addressed or controlled as a group.

In designing Multichrome-Flex, Artistic Licence Engineering has focused on the task of perfecting the colour mixture and also providing designers with the widest possible range of colour tones. The latter has been achieved by a careful choice of LED primary colours. The results are spectacular with a range of colours that will make the most demanding lighting designer smile!

Artistic Licence regularly receives feedback from customers on their product experience. A regular comment regarding LED technology is that it is very difficult to produce good whites and yellows. Multichrome-Flex resolves this, a demonstration is the only way to see the quality of these colours, so come and pick your favourite colour temperature!

Multichrome-Flex contains a custom silicon chip that receives high speed data from the controller. This allows each pixel to be individually controlled at the high speed needed for video display.

Multichrome-Flex can be attached to flexible webbing to offer a versatile grid alternative mounting option.

Three options exist for power and control:
Multichrome-D1 gives DMX512 control over 160 pixels of Multichrome-Flex and is housed in a metal case for wall or truss mounting.
Multichrome-E1 gives Art-Net control over 320 pixels of Multichrome-Flex and is housed in a metal case for wall or truss mounting.
Multichrome-E2 gives Art-Net control over 320 pixels of Multichrome-Flex and is DIN-Rail mounted for easy installation.