CP24-24-350mA (24V-300W)

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High-Power LED dimmer

Candle-Power™ is an LED dimmer designed to control high power LED devices such as those available from Lumileds and Cree.

Candle-Power is based on a modulation technique, invented by Artistic Licence, called Asymmetric Frequency Modulation AFM. AFM is an evolution of the frequency modulation technique pioneered by Artistic Licence and published in 2002.

The product is a Rack-Mounted enclosure providing up to 24 channels of dimming. It has an internal universal mains PSU so is a self-contained unit. Each of the 24 outputs can drive one to twelve high power LEDs in series. This provides a total load capability of 288 LEDs (subject to internal PSUs).

Candle-Power 24 is available in three standard variants, however custom units are also available. Variants are described by the part number:

CP24-xx-yyymA (aaV-bbbW)

xx is the number of channels (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24)
yyy is the current rating of the module (350mA, 500mA, 700mA or custom)
aa is the voltage of internal PSU (24V, 48V or custom)
bbb is the power available (300W or 600W)

1W LEDs are normally driven at 350mA. 3W LEDs are normally driven at 700mA.

Jump-Start can be used to set the start address.

Custom Products are available; please contact sales@artisticlicence.com for more details

CP24 is built to order.

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