Best sellers and new releases

DMX-Protect XLR, £155.00

DMX Line protection against accidental mains connection, static discharge and lightening. No PSU required. View »


DMX-Clarify XLR, £255.00

DMX Line buffer / booster with active data fixing (re-times signal and filters out RDM) View »


Rail-Merge, £375.00

DIN rail mounted product that merges two DMX inputs to one DMX output. View »


dVnet pro, £5,950.00

A 20,000 pixel digital video to network converter housed in a 1u 19-inch rack case with 50/60Hz HDMI video input up to 1920x1080p progressive. View »


Rail-DALI-DMX, £415.00

DIN Rail mount DALI to DMX converter. View »


nanoScope tx, £95.00

A simple DMX512 transmitter built into an XLR connector. View »


nanoScope, £65.00

A sophisticated DMX512/RDM tester built into an XLR connector. View »


Integrity, £420.00

Software suite for testing RDM View »


Rail-Split DMX BP, £1,960.00

Bulk Pack contains 10 products. 1 in to 6 out DMX512 splitter. RDM data is ignored. Isolated input. Din Rail Enclosure with screw terminal connectors. View »


Rail-DMX-DALI, £415.00

DIN Rail mount DMX to DALI converter. View »


artLynx duo, £295.00

Ethernet to two DMX512/RDM universe output module. DIN rail or wall mounting View »


Rail-Split RDM II, £275.00

1 in to 6 out DMX512 splitter with support for RDM and a Fix mode which filters non-standard data and fixes timing errors. Isolated input. Din Rail Enclosure with screw terminal connectors. View »


Rail-Split extreme, £345.00

Rail-Split extreme is a variant of Rail-Split RDM. Rail-Split extreme additionally provides surge protection on the input, loop and outputs, which is aimed at protecting the product and connected equipment against voltage surges of the type generated by View »


daliSwitch, £295.00

DIN Rail mount DALI controlled 6 channel mains relay. View »


Micro-Scope 3a, £395.00

The worlds best selling DMX512 and MIDI tester. View »


Micro-Scope Manicure, £237.50

Full service for all versions of Micro-Scope. View »



versaSplit is a modular product range encompassing DMX512 distribution, CRMX wireless DMX and ethernet connectivity. View »


lightJuice CV4, £695.00

A PoE++ powered (24V 60W) 4 channel constant voltage dimmer. View »


versaSplit mini xlr5-5, £495.00

Single input, 6 output modular DMX512 splitter / fixer with RDM support. Desk or truss mount. This version fitted with XLR5 DMX input module. Outputs are XLR5. View »


DMX-Workshop, Free download

DMX-Workshop is a configuration and diagnostics application for Art-Net and sACN. View »


Light Bytes, £32.99

Light Bytes by Artistic Licence CEO Wayne Howell, is a reference on the subject of Art-Net and sACN. View »