Test Equipment

nanoScope tx, £95.00

A simple DMX512 transmitter built into an XLR connector. View »


nanoScope, £65.00

A sophisticated DMX512/RDM tester built into an XLR connector. View »


Integrity, £420.00

Software suite for testing RDM View »


nanoScope developer, £99.95

A sophisticated RDM analyser and DMX512 mimic for product developers. View »


Micro-Scope 3a, £395.00

The worlds best selling DMX512 and MIDI tester. View »


Micro-Scope 3a Pro, £505.00

Micro-Scope 3a, Mic-Edit and nanoScope. View »


Mic-Edit, £125.00

Off-line editor for Micro-Scope 3a allowing remote modification of all lamp personalities, presets and setup. Connects to PC via (supplied) serial/usb cable. View »


Micro-Scope MIDI Input Cable, £25.00

Adapter cable allowing all versions of Micro-Scope to receive MIDI. View »


Jump-Start, £265.00

DMX Tester / RDM Programmer. View »


Dali-Scope, £285.00

DALI test and configuration tool. View »


MIDI-Scope, £595.00

A battery powered, handheld MIDI tester and analyser. Includes Charger/PSU and soft case. View »


DMX-Break, £185.00

Breakout module for testing DMX512. View »


daliDongle, £150.00

USB-to-DALI converter, designed to work in conjunction with DMX-Workshop. View »


Tridonic DALI-USB, £315.00

USB DALI interface and testing tool. View »


Colour-Tramp RDM, £3,995.00

RDM Monitor View »