Power Supplies

PSU-24-2-FER, £55.00

PSU for Rail-Demux and Rail-PSU-D4. Terminated with 2 pin ferrules. Universal AC input on IEC. View »


PSU-9-1.5-DCJ, £30.00

Spare PSU for Micro-Scope and DMX-Buffer. Universal voltage input. View »


PSU-9-1.5-DR2, £35.00

PSU for Art-Relay. Terminated with a 2pin 'Plug-In' rising clamp female connector. Universal AC input on IEC. View »


PSU-9-1.5-XLR4, £35.00

PSU terminated with 4 pin female xlr. Universal AC input on IEC. View »


PSU-9-1.5-FER, £30.00

PSU for Rail products. Universal voltage input. View »


PSU-24-5-DR, £135.00

Din Rail PSU. 24V 5A. Switched AC Input View »


PSU-48-10-DR, £470.00

Din Rail PSU for Candle-Power CP12. 48V 10A. Switched AC input. View »


PSU-48-1-DR, £115.00

Din Rail PSU for Art-Switch PoE4. Universal AC input View »


PSU-24-2.5-DR, £59.00

Din Rail PSU for Rail products. 24V 2.5A. Universal AC input View »


PSU-9-10-DR, £135.00

DIN Rail PSU. 9V 10A output with a switched mains input. View »